About Christine Tanaka

About Christine Tanaka

Color expert. Leader in the sustainable interior design movement.

Christine is an environmentalist, CEO, and Principal Interior Designer serving clients throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Harmony Interiors helps busy homeowners design and remodel sustainably— in their unique style—while incorporating layers of color and personality.

A background in activism and political science paired with a deep sense of social responsibility has inspired Christine to use her business as a platform to raise awareness of the environmental crisis. She strives to inspire others to act and implement sustainability practices in their homes and businesses.

In her previous role as a Household Manager, she was able to seamlessly incorporate eco-friendly behaviors such as composting, recycling, and using green household products, reducing her client’s environmental impact.

A lifelong antique shopper and design enthusiast, Christine is exceptionally skilled at identifying and repurposing quality furnishings and materials to create carefully curated homes. She sparks joy in the hearts of her clients by thinking outside the box in creating unique color and pattern combinations that surprise and delight the eye.

We refer to our signature approach as Design for Decades.

Through the strategic use of materials and furnishings, Design for Decades begins with a foundation of quality finish materials (flooring, countertops, tile) in timeless neutrals paired with colorful, low-to-medium commitment materials (paint, furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, lighting)—saving homeowners the cost of frequent remodeling while simultaneously positively impacting the planet by reducing construction waste.

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